Communicating with your elected officials is a useful way to bring awareness to legislative bills and Community Causes you care about in your neighborhood. The traditional avenues to connect with elected officials are through email or phone calls. But this can be time consuming and complicated for people who are unfamiliar with how the legislative or community feedback process works. These outlets can limit the organizing power of community members. That’s where Be the Change comes in! 

Be the Change is a nonpartisan civic action platform that makes it easy and quick for you to voice your concerns and opinions on legislative priorities and neighborhood ideas. We created this guide to help you maximize the potential of how you raise awareness, mobilize, and organize in your community.

To get started using Be the Change iOS app, download the app from the Apple Store. After you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll see an option that says Get Started. This will prompt you to create an account with the following information: First and Last Name, Email, Password. You’ll then be required to Agree to Terms of Use. After filling out your account information, you’ll get a four-digit verification code sent to the email you signed up with. Head back to the app to input the verification code and you’re all set to begin engaging with your elected officials on Be the Change! 

When you input your address or the address of a community center in your neighborhood, we’ll invite you to follow your State Representative and State Senator on Be the Change. This makes sure each time you share a Community Cause, your elected representatives will be notified of the Cause so they can reply with information and resources to help you out! We take data privacy very seriously, which means all the information you share on Be the Change remains anonymous and will not be shared with any other organizations. 

After you’re following your elected representatives, it’s time to write and share your first Community Cause! With Be the Change, you can quickly share details on poor air quality, lack of public transportation, isolated food deserts and more. Elected officials are then tasked with tackling how they can be of support and resource to their constituents. Be the Change serves as a place for community to be organized in a virtual space making it possible to cross boundaries and connect on critical issues. We prioritize local and state issues with emphasis on the need for community input in every step of the democratic and legislative process. 

Congratulations! You made your first post! Now, it’s time to interact with your elected officials and members of your community by connecting on Causes that matter to you. This can range from upvoting or downvoting Causes by other neighbors or simply keeping tabs by viewing what others are talking about. You can also continue to provide feedback to legislators on legislation they’ve introduced, votes on legislation, and government-wide advocacy. If the elected official has onboarded with Be the Change, you’ll receive a direct reply from your representative about the Cause you are communicating, so be sure to check back on the app! 

With the power to engage civically from your fingertips, civic engagement is speaking up and out for injustices that have impacted each of us in unique ways. Be the Change aims to inspire us to work together to create change by connecting with elected officials and having difficult dialogue ultimately to build stronger and healthier communities. 

Don’t forget to find us on Twitter and Instagram to stay on top of campaigns we launch seeking your input on Be the Change!