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We're Committed to Building a Healthy Democracy

If done right, policy should always be rooted in the needs of real people and their experiences. But it can feel like the current system fails us on many levels. For many, the state legislative process is overwhelming, scary, and divisive. It’s confusing to find out who our legislators are, leaving public comment on social media can unleash negativity and attempting to contact legislators can feel cumbersome. Despite wanting to have our voices heard, we are taken aback by the challenges of tracking the legislative process and providing input.

I believe elected officials enter into public service because they care about the well-being of their neighbors. Legislators want to hear what you have to say. That’s why I ran for elected office. I knocked on doors and had numerous conversations with people from all walks of life. The one consistent theme that stuck with me was that people are the experts of their neighborhoods. They’re aware of the challenges and often have insights that lead us to stronger and healthier communities.

We just need better systems built with kindness that keep us informed of policy and connect our voices to lawmakers. That’s what Be the Change is—a safe and simple digital space focused on state legislative process and healthy civic dialogue. More simply, you can think of it as “Nextdoor for state government.”

Be the Change’s three core commitments to you are that we will always maintain a safe and welcoming space for people and legislators to have their voices heard. We will never sell your personal information to fund the platform and will always be transparent about funding sources. We promise to always be accountable to you, so we can achieve our civic mission of building a healthier democracy.

With Gratitude,

Bhavini Patel
CEO & Cofounder

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